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UK Tourist Visa

How Apply UK Tourist Visa

 About UK Visa

The United Kingdom consists of four nations - England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. However, a large part of Ireland is now independent, but is still considered as a part of UK. The UK is a beautiful destination which attracts thousands of tourists each year. It’s balmy weather, warm people, and beautiful sights and attractions make it a popular destination. It is also home to many immigrants from all over the world.

To visit the UK, you require a visa to enter and stay in the country. The visa also allows you to travel anywhere within the UK. The process is not difficult, and we can guide you on what all requirements you need to qualify for a visa, and fulfill your dream of visiting the UK. We are the expert guides on providing information on UK visa processes.

There are only a few countries that do not require a visa to get into and travel around UK. But for most countries, visa is mandatory. There are 2 types of visas needed to enter UK. They are

  • Standard Visitor/Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
 Standard Visitor/Tourist Visa

This type of Visa is the most popular type of visa. If your are visiting UK for a holiday tour or are visiting friend or family, or attending sporting or academic events, this is the visa for you. In the standard visitor/tourist visa, the time frame can be up to a maximum of 6 months. It cannot be extended beyond that. You can browse our website and find guidance on all the documents and materials required for a standard visitor or tourist visa.

 Business Visa

UK is a capitalist region that encourages business. If you wish to visit the country to partake in business activities, you can apply for a business visa. There are multiple visas and schemes that allow you to migrate to the country to be a part of a business. There two types of visa in this category as well. One is an Investor Visa that allows you to stay in the country to invest your money in a business. Next is an Entrepreneur Visa which allows you to stay and start a business.

If your documents and financials are in order, it will not be difficult for you to get an UK visa. There is also a small fee that you will have to pay to get the visa. Please read the information given on our website and prepare yourself for the visa application process.

 Requirements for an UK Visa Application

The UK (United Kingdom) sees many tourists and immigrants landing on their shores throughout the year. The UK consists of four countries - England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. If you wish to go the UK, you need to apply for a visa. On this page, we’ll provide you with information on the documents and other materials you require for a visa application.


This is of course the most important document you need to have. The passport should not be more than 10 years old, or else it will be rejected. The end validity date should be more than 3 months ahead of your visa duration. And, the passport should have at least 2 blank pages.

Photocopy (Xerox) of Your Passport You need clear photocopies of the main pages of your passport. Passport Size Photograph

You will need 1 coloured passport size photograph. The photo should be a latest photograph (within a month from the application date). The background in the image should be white or light grey, and your face should be completely visible. Though, you only need 1 picture, do carry a few extra ones.

Proof of Finances and Bank Statements or Pay Slips

You need to provide a proof of your finances and bank statements showing sufficient funds.Payment slips from your current employer will also suffice. Sometimes, you are required to provide a letter from your employer, in which, they have to state the duration of your leave. However, you need to check with the immigration office beforehand. Finance proofs are required just in case there are any unforeseen circumstances and you need to buy new return tickets.

Accommodation & Travel Details

You need to provide photocopies (xeroxes) of flight tickets, including your return ticket, and your hotel booking and itinerary. This is mandatory.

Letter of Invitation

If you are visiting the UK through an invitation from a friend or family member staying in the UK, you need to provide the invitation letter along with the address of the inviter.

If your documents are in order, you can apply for a visa. However, you need to also pay a small fee while applying for your visa. This fee is nonrefundable, irrespective of the status of your visa. Also, consult your local immigration office in case there are any changes or updation in their rules and regulations.

UK Tourist Visa Starting From 750.00* (AED)

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